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Los Angeles, CA

2010 - Present

Nick Joyce, aka SICKorWELL is more than a DJ, he is a prolific Artist, Label Owner and an innovator known for unique sonic expressions, and dropping insane live sets with precision. Drawing his inspiration from Drum and Bass, Classic Jungle and all the way to blues, music has been a part of his life since the very beginning. Over the years he has shared the stage alongside names like Dieselboy, Dj SS, Bladerunner, A-Sides, GEIN, Sinistarr, Dave Owen, Quentin Hiatus, Uknown Error, Bad Syntax, We Bang, Craze, Starky, Shorte, Vaski, Jason Burns, Quest, Direct Feed, YETI, Curious & Apex1 to name but a few.

SICKorWELL is remarkably candid about his relationship with art and the personality which fuels his devotion to music. He wants to change the way people look at expression and blow apart the barriers, limits and possibilities.

After years as a solo act he started the DnB Production duo (theStandard) with partner Mark Merlino aka Dj Markem in 2014. The duo would release music on world class Labels like Formation Records Uk, Liquid Brilliants, Abducted Records and many others before taking a hiatus. The years away from drum&bass was not a break from the studio, founding 237 Music Group in 2016 under the name (100Million) a Los Angeles based Record Label, Publishing Company & Production house focusing on mainstream music markets.

Working with some of the biggest names and camps in the music industry established his reputation as a credited and respected Engineer, Producer and one of the go to behind the scenes finishers in the community for Major Label artists in Pop Music, R&B and Trap music. Producing & engineering with artists, songwriters and brands over the years has helped shape the ever growing sonic palates of his own music.

SICKorWELL has many new releases dropping on 237 Music Group. All the projects (SICKorWELL, theStandard, 100Million) are different ways to express the love of music.


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