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Los Angeles, CA

Active 2008 - Present

Whether it be the undeniable push of radical self-expression, or the product of a lifetime of studying the deepest compounds of the underground paired with an organic obsession of the 174 genre, Los Angeles native Replicant has become discipline encapsulate. Through a deeply-rooted upbringing inspired by critically-acclaimed pioneers such as DJ Craze, Roni Size, and DJ Die, Steve has carefully carved his name into the walls of drum and bass history – etched between its founding fathers… and the new generation. With a nonconformist sound that tears the very fabric of an otherwise convoluted soundscape, this technical maverick of a producer has begun to tell the next chapter of his story – one release at a time.

Rejuvenating the roots of a once experimental sound, Replicant has received worldwide support from groundbreaking artists such as High Contrast, Noisia, Dillinja, and many more. Carefully fusing modernized sound design with brick and mortar elements of a junglist’s ode to the past, Steve Replicant has brought forth a niche sound that is immediately recognizable from the introduction. With collaborators including internationally-acclaimed talents such as Bou, Bass Brothers, DJ Profile, and many more, this exciting artist has annihilated stages across America with no holds barred. Through a montage of releases with record labels ranging from Get Hype, Slow Roast, to Viper Recordings, Replicant has showcased a diversified variety of sounds while simultaneously maintaining a signature style.

With the perfect parallel of raw energy and an insatiable sense of introspection, Replicant’s sound has turned international attention to America’s own drum and bass Mecca – Los Angeles. As the pages turn and idea becomes anthem, some of us… have truly only just begun.


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