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Columbus, OH

Active 2018 - Present

ORION has been destined for musical greatness since birth, when his mother named him after her favorite Metallica song back in 93. Ever since he has been unable to stay away from music, starting with guitar, snare and then piano before finding his love in electronic music where he has let his past experience both in and out of music melt together to create an eclectic blend of genres, from heavy hitter drum and bass to melodic dubstep, with tons of fun surprises in between. The past 4 years djing has proven he is a force to be reckoned with, playing in cities across the midwest including Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago among others and even landing multiple festival gigs for multiple genres along the way. One thing is for certain, if you catch an ORION set you wont be disappointed, there's something for everyone.


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