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Charlotte, NC

Active 1997 - Present

From top to bottom, The Global DNB Collective Label Boss, Oneduz has an experienced hand in music and sound. A 1994 performance by Rabbit in the Moon initially inspired his passion/obsession. Starting in 1997, Oneduz began collecting records and recording his own mixed tapes to learn the art of mixing with vinyl. In 1999, Oneduz attended R.E.I. in Long Island N.Y. (formally A.R.T.I. audio engineering school) and started his equipment collection while he worked at Sam Ash Music. Upon graduation, he became a member of REA (Recording Engineers Association) due to his high testing scores. Next, Oneduz gained his experience in every aspect of the industry working in well-respected recording studios and doing live audio for events.

Additionally, Oneduz managed to perfect his craft as a DJ playing gigs in the New York Tri-State area. Oneduz also started playing live internet radio shows every week in 2003 along with DJ-B12 hosting the infamous StressFactor Saturday on After moving to North Carolina for professional reasons, he played numerous events in the Carolinas supporting the DnB scene of the Southeast. It has been proven that Oneduz’ vast exposure to music lends to the unique sounds of his own productions.


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