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LET Mix 002

Vex Seven

Los Angeles, CA

2015 - Present


  1. Vex Seven - ID (Dub)

  2. Quantum Mechanix - Takes You High [Modern Conveniences]

  3. Frame - Blonde Or Brunette [Unchained Recordings]

  4. EastColors - Module [Citate Forms]

  5. Drum Origins - Confessions [Influenza Media]

  6. Monty - Rest [1985 Music]

  7. Vex Seven - Onyx [CNVX]

  8. Visages - Yalda [1985 Music]

  9. Ben Verse & Creatures - Sanity [Rebel Music]

  10. Mystic State - Phased Out (JFO Remix) [The Chikara Project]

  11. Alix Perez - Burning Babylon [1985 Music]

  12. Emperor - Sunder [Vision Recordings]

  13. Circumference - Breathe [Soulvent Records]

  14. Theoretical - The Conqueror [Data Music]

  15. Messiah - The Black Hole [Fokuz Recordings]

  16. Lao Wai - Loose Lips [CNVX]

  17. Alix Perez & DLR - Blips [1985 Music]

  18. DJ Trace - Retox (Mark System Remix) [117 Records]

  19. Instra:Mental - The Dead Zone [Darkestral Recordings]

  20. Blood Trust - Surface To Air [Digital Red Label]

  21. Vex Seven - Prisoners [Onset Audio]

  22. Blood Trust - ID (Dub)

  23. Vex Seven - ID (Dub)

Vex Seven AKA Akuratyde made his debut on BMTM with 2015’s reverb-soaked Embrace EP, a love letter to the heyday of autonomic as well as an introspective work focused on the musician’s life and personal struggles. After enduring a series of losses in the family he returned in 2018 with his emotional debut album, Past Lives, a heartfelt body of work created around the narrative thread of love and loss. He followed this up shortly after with his third release on BMTM, 2019’s One Hundred Steps EP, which saw Akuratyde collaborating with Russian minimal drum & bass pioneer Bop.

2020 saw the artist carving out his own path, unleashing his dark jungle & techno alias Vex Seven and debuting the 3VS collective. He also founded his Modern Conveniences imprint, with music by autonomic godfather Kid Drama and BMTM favorite RQ. Additionally, he teamed up with fellow producer Monika to create the dancefloor-focused Monika & Akuratyde project with releases on Fokuz Recordings and Soulvent Records. In 2021 he returns to BMTM with his second album, Home Movies, a melancholy reflection on his younger years as well as a social commentary on our instant gratification-obsessed culture. Home Movies sees Akuratyde pushing his songwriting even further, collaborating with vocalists for the first time as a solo artist, and with an increased focus on his trademark dreamy synthesizer melodies, subtle guitar stylings, and glitched-out rhythms. Connect:


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