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Jen Symmetry - CG Radio Sessions 96

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Jen Symmetry

Minneapolis, MN

Active 2000 - Present

Jen Symmetry, known for dropping heavy drum & bass with incredible precision and energy, is a member of Proper Chicago, SLPDNB, and Mechanix Minneapolis. She gained recognition online by hosting Proper’s Sundown Sets, and has been integral in the Midwest music scene, historically playing for and promoting with unforgettable Midwestern crews Bassheadz and DC Productions. Jen’s rocked dozens of festivals, parties, and clubs since 2000, opening for international artists at notable venues and holding residencies at clubs First Ave and Club Underground.

Jen began her DJ career in college in Boston, playing parties and directing Boston’s Revolutions Radio WERS FM. Regardless of your taste in music, Jen’s irresistible style is sure to impress and have you busting a move on the dancefloor.

(Listen on Soundcloud)


1. Street Value, Psidream & Special Ed, Nightfall Recordings

2. Razor’s Edge, NC-17, Dispatch Recordings

3. I Never Change, Dub Elements, DEM Recordings

4. Real Champion, Phibes, DnB Allstars, Allstars RAW

5. Compulsion, Pyro, Sub-liminal Recordings

6. RIC9, Trail, Flexout Audio

7. Atomic, Data 3, Flexout Audio

8. Cold Brew, Quadrant & Iris, Guidance Music

9. The Great Scorer, Bcee, Spearhead Recordings

10. Tric City, Data 3 (Waeys remix), Flexout Audio

11. Framed, Waeys, Klinical, Overview Music

12. Let the Bass Kick, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Formation Records

13. Quantum Leap (Teej remix) Teej, Grimesy, T-Man, Nuusic

14. Jungle Business, DJ Hybrid, Nick the Lot, Jungle Cakes

15. Deny (feat. Paul Charles) Suv, Paul, Charles, KC

16. 20/21 (DLR Remix) Future Cut, Future Cut recordings

17. Let it Slide, Kasra, Slay, Critical Music

18. Back Up, Workforce, Critical Music

19. Com Mon, Decimal Bass, Konichi, Decimal Bass Gun Audio

20. Listen Good, Taxman, MC Goose, Playaz

21. Feel for You, Umax, Four Corners

22. Elektron Dub, QZB, Critical Music

23. Zodiac, Break, Symmetry Recordings

24. Imagination, Nu Elementz, Bites

25. Snoar, Waeys, Critical Music

26. Shift, Tephra, Dispatch Recordings

27. Cool Like That, Channell & Anthony Kasper, Fokuz Recordings

28. Reverse Movement, Stimpy, Celsius Recordings

29. Rough - Onyx VIP, Everything Changes feat. Rider Shafique, Seminal Sounds

30. Deadlock, Northern Barrier, Seminal Sounds

31. All Goes Wrong, Kanine feat. T-Man, Unleashed

32. Lightweight, Total Science (Break remix) CIA Records

33. Belief Systems, Rockwell, Obsolete Medium

34. Run Tings, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Technique Recordings

35. Huaxi, Gest, Shogun Audio

36. Dio, NC-17, Dispatch Recordings

37. Russian Doll, Stay-C, Hospital Records

38. In Jamaica, Nick the Lot, Jungle Cakes

39. Lockjaw: Empath, Echtoo, Self-released

40. Demonz, Q Project, Myth, CIA Records

41. I Feel Love, Dope Ammo vs. Sublow Hz (Moody Mike Remix) New State Music

42 One Night Only, Kleu, Love That Bass


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