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The Global DNB Collective 002

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Artist: Various Label: The Global DNB Collective

Release Date: 11/30/2023

Stateside Drum n’ Bass legend DJ Odi comes in with a limited vinyl release on The Global DNB Collective. The physical version includes “Meet Me Halfway” and “Luna” on the A Side. Rounding out the B Side are remixes from Danny Styles, E-CJ & Xluther. The digital version contains original songs and remixes from some of the most talent artists across North America.

This full 34 track release can be purchased via Diggers Factory for $25.99. The pre-order is live now, with the Digital Release available for download on November 30th. The vinyl release will start shipping sometime between February and May 2024.

From the release page:

"GDNBC welcomes DJ Odi and his new EP that begins with a tune called "Meet Me Halfway".

"Meet Me Halfway" is a bouncy roller that opens with layered drums, an arpeggiated synth line, and a massive 808 Bass that sets the foundation for dreamy female vocals asking the listener to "meet me halfway". The chorus explodes into the body of the track where a reese-bass and mid-range synth enter the fray evolving the tune into an absolute dancefloor stormer. In classic NYC DNB fashion, a halftime breakdown lets the listener rest temporarily until the final drop and ride out to the end. This track is sure to blow up the dancefloor!

On the flip, we have "Luna".

"Luna" is a tribute to a well-loved, mischievous little canine. DJ Odi and his partner Courtney had the enjoyment of caring for Luna until her crossing which was not long before this track was written. Putting on his best classic 90's producer cap, DJ Odi produced "Luna" as an Amen heavy throwback to the days of Moving Shadow, Lucky Spin, and so many GLR tracks that we all know and love.

Melodic elements, strings, and an 808 are the usual suspects that support and swirl around the precisely chopped Amen drums in this tune. Think and other classic break-beats make an appearance as supporting acts, but the Amen kit is the quintessential lead on this track.

For the early morning dancefloor crew and the throwback movement that is in full force today, "Luna" is the one you!

Upon a successful campaign, 'Meet me Halfway', 'Luna', and remixes by legendary artists Danny Styles and E-CJ & Xluther will begin the vinyl pressing process.

The cherry on top -> All backers of this project will not only receive a 12", 180g vinyl record, but also digital downloads of 002, 002 remixes, and original bonus tunes by the legendary artists listed below!"

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