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Calgary, AB

Unknown - Present

At the age of only seventeen, Distinct, a newcomer to the electronic music scene, was quickly infatuated with the sounds of Drum & Bass. It wasn’t long before hearing the fast paced genre that she was out purchasing her first pieces of vinyl. Due to an extensive musical background it was only a matter of time before she was dabbling in a variety of other genres including glitch-hop, funky bass, breaks and electro house. Her versatility and ear for top notch electronica has landed her numerous gigs across Alberta and British Columbia.

Eager to share her music and support her local scene she got herself involved with The Supreme Hustle, a local crew. With them and a few other collectives, she currently helps to promote, perform and aid in the success of their popular events featuring the likes of Logistics, Metrik, S.P.Y. and Xilent to name a few.

After placing 4th in "Calgary's Next Top DJ" and an interview and article in, she caught the attention of the scouts from the Drum & Bass Girls. It was no surprise they’d soon be asking her to join the team of women making noise across the country. With an already extensive festival circuit, a dream to conquer the world, and a family of experienced and supportive female artists to back her, there is no stopping this ball of D&B fire, as this is only the beginning of a very promising career.


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