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Chicago, IL

1995 - Present

Founder of the most organized dnb crew in America the MIA or Murda in America. He got his start in the 90s rave scene and grew to promoting events as large as 9k with his crew boogie tribe ( 98-2002). Through his music he has headlined or supported headliners in over 30 states representing his crew and city 1st. His style is similar to OG Chicago house djs because he goes from smooth melodic music to upfront grime flawlessly while taking the dance-floor on a mission through sound and bass.

His name is synonymous with Chicago drum n bass and for being one of the founders and president of one of Americas largest drum n bass music groups, the M.I.A. (murda In america). DELAMOTA got his start djing the after-hours and small underground parties in Chicago during the early 90's rave scene as a dj, in 1998 he decided to start a production company called Sky High and put on several shows with attendance as high as 8500 people in a three room venue.

With his dedication to the dnb sound he managed to travel all over the United States, Alfonz has played well over 25 cities in over 20 states both headlining and djing along side some of the worlds top electronic music producers and djs. His drive to push drum n bass has taken him to several musical places as a dj and producer including 3 national tours, a live dnb band called "soljazz" that played many raves in the 90s & early 00's, a drum step group "high$ociety" that is currently playing several events around Chicago and with credits on 2 vinyl releases and several mp3 releases available on itunes and beatport and other mp3 outlets its obvious he pushes drum n bass music in every fashion.

He's held several residencies at some prestigious clubs in Chicago playing strictly drum n bass music since his start this hard core junglist is covering his basses and when he is in the booth its time to get the pressure started, full throttle drum n bass music is what to expect as Delamota takes his crowd through the stages of drum n bass with some of the wickedest bass lines available. There is a reason his events and dj sets make him a wanted man all over americas underground.


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