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Da Zukeepa

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Da Zukeepa

Las Vegas, NV

Active 2013 - Present

"LIve on a positive vibration." Da ZuKeepa loves hard pounding bass and high energy dance floors. An eclectic ear and the love for music drives Da ZuKeepa.


- 2016

How did you come up with the name, "Zukeepa"?

"I came up with the ZuKeepa because I wanted to come up with an original name that meant something about the music scene. I realized that we are all party animals and the Dj controls the vibes, So the zukeepa was born."

How did you start producing music and where do you see it taking you?

"I started producing music because I would hear original tracks in my head before bed and wanted to recreate them.

I see it getting me recognized as a household name in the DNB scene once my productions get better with knowledge."

What was your most memorable booking?

"My most memorable bookings were when I played with Deacon and Original Sin. Before I was a Dj, I looked up to Deacon as one of my favorite djs. He played techstep and was a common name on the lineups of LA raves. Original sin is a true original in the game so playing with him was a great honor."

Who, would you say, has been your biggest inspiration?

"HellNegative  has been a big inspiration because I have learned about music production from him and he would answer any of my production questions whenever i would ask."

What are your opinions on the current state of electronic music?

"I first heard drum and bass in 1999 and since then I've been saying that DNB is the future. Although, DNB isn't the mainstream genre in 2016 like I thought it would be, it has still influenced many of the EDM genres with its basslines."


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