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Bend, OR

Active 2003 - Present

Circuit has risen to become one of Los Angeles's top drum and bass DJ’s due to his quick mixing and tune selection of 100% vinyl. Born and raised in LA, Circuit spent his teen years attending punk rock shows. As he got older, he was looking for something new and in 1997 he attended his first rave. He quickly fell in love with drum and bass music and purchased his first set of Technic turntables in 1998. He spent the next few years learning the craft and attending sound engineering school where he learned the mechanics of sound and implemented this knowledge into his djing.

From 2003-2004 he was a resident DJ at Airplay, a drum and bass weekly in LA. Shortly thereafter, he joined up with Almost Famous, one of LA’s top underground production crews, where they threw parties such as Time Machine and City of Angels. Circuit started Anonymous Tip Radio with AMC in 2004 which then became Almost Famous Radio with World Renowned and AMC. In 2006, MC XYZ approached Circuit and DJ Whizard to participate in the first mix of his new Back2Back Sessions mix series. As of yet, no mix in the series has topped their first CD's download count. This enthusiasm led to 3 follow up mixes; Return to B2B Sessions, B2B VIP and B2B Reloaded. Every new mix reached new fans all over the United States and the world, getting played and copied for friends from LA to the UK to Japan.

Over the years Circuit has played shows all over the country, from Hawaii to New York and everywhere in between. He has played nearly every club in LA as well as festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Nocturnal Wonderland. In 2011 Circuit became a resident DJ for Bassrush, the most prominent bass music production crew in the United States, and was a resident DJ of their Funktion Wednesdays club night in Hollywood. Circuit continues to play high energy sets on 3 turntables all around SoCal and the US. Circuit recently moved to Bend, Oregon and will be working on some Drum and Bass projects there.


If you are a Junglist on the west coast, chances are there is a Back2Back sessions mix in your car. What inspired you, Whizard, and XYZ to collaborate on the series?

B2B Sessions was XYZ's idea and he approached Whizard and I to mix the first volume of the series in 2005 because he saw us as 2 of the hardest working DnB DJs in LA. There wasn't a plan for the 3 of us to do follow up mixes originally but Vol 1 was really popular and we started getting booked together regularly so we went with it and made follow up mixes.

Going back through the mix series, you can get a feel for how Drum n' Bass has changed over the years. How do you feel about where it's been and where it's headed?

Drum and Bass is always evolving and there is a lot of great DnB coming out, it is also one of the few genres that during the course of its existence has consistently had an amazing output of music. One of the things I love about DnB is that tunes from the 90s/00s still hold up today.

We have seen a recent resurgence of turntables in the DJ world. What do you think is bringing back the original tools of the game?

I think it's a push back against the pre-recorded and synced sets that seem to not only be normal but accepted these days.

What really caught your attention about Drum n' Bass and where did you hear it first?

I attended my first rave in 97 which had DnB and Hardcore rooms. Drum and Bass really appealed to me from the very first time I heard it, I can't really describe why but I was hooked that first night. There was just something about Drum and Bass.

How did you learn the art form of deejaying? What tips could you get to those just starting out?

I bought a mixer/decks in 98, locked myself in my room and practiced any spare moment I had. Everything was self-taught and I practiced playing live by spinning at backyard parties for a while before trying to get into the scene as a DJ.

The best advice I have for anyone starting out is practice, keep practicing, don't take any shortcuts, be confident but also humble and have fun.

Who has given you the biggest inspiration on this journey?

Life and Music

You had the chance to play in all regions of the US. Where was your most memorable moment and why?

I honestly can't pick one, there are shows that have certain memories, and they’re all great in their own way. I have had the opportunity to play shows all over the US, I've been fortunate enough to play at some of the biggest festivals around and am thankful for every show and opportunity I've had. However, there is something about playing in a packed full, dark, loud warehouse that will always be special.

How did you come up with the name Circuit?

I had a few names in the beginning but they either ended up being used already or I just didn't like it after a week. I was in sound engineering class and we were going over the definition and function of a circuit and that was it right there.

Where can we see you next?

I moved from Los Angeles to Bend, Oregon so I'm not sure when I'll be back in LA but my next show is Saturday June 3 at the Domino Room in Bend with R.A.W., myself, RelykOne and Harlo.

Shout Outs:

Big ups to everyone pushing Drum and Bass Stateside and Worldwide. This could be pretty long so I'm going to try and keep it short while trying to cover everyone. First and foremost thank you to my wife Lauren for always being there for me. My brothers in DnB, XYZ and Whizard. The old school Almost Famous crew, Bassrush/Insomniac, the entire Los Angeles and SoCal DnB scene for many years of community and support (there are way too many people and clubs to name) and everyone who has supported me over the years. Big ups and thank you to Respect, Tonz of Drumz, Wreckignition and all of the OGs of LA DnB for building the scene, without you guys I and many others wouldn't have found DnB. Shout out to RelykOne and everyone at NSK Entertainment, looking forward to bringing Drum and Bass to Bend with you guys. Big ups to Drum and Bass lovers all over the globe.


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