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Los Angeles, CA

Active 1990's - Present

APX 1, A Los Angeles Born & Raised Dj/Producer who has been involved with the L.A. Underground Scene for over 20 years now. Primarily known for his own unique rough sound & west coast influenced Hip Hop style of Drum n Bass.

In 1997 APX 1 started his own artist management company, Revolution, which was the leading West Coast Drum & Bass Roster. Roster included talents of R.A.W., CURIOUS, HIVE, LION, APX 1, MC QUESTION MARK, and MC DAPPA D. APX 1 has performed at some of Southern Californias record breaking massives. Including Monster Massive, Together As One, Rewind, Guerilla Warfare, and The Cypress Hill Smokeout, including every underground venue for jungle that Los Angeles has to offer.

In 1999 Apx 1 co-founded Herbn' Music along with partner Dj Curious which featured ragga influenced jungle music. Which became an imprint for los angeles ragga drum n bass. During this year Apx 1 alongside Raw and Curious toured the entire country. Well over 30 States were toured during just this one year.

In 2001 Apx 1 took all of his reggae/hip hop knowledge and put it to work on his own drum n bass label Ghetto Life Recordings along with Ghetto Life Clothing. 1st release was ground breaking for the hip hop/jungle scene. Along with fellow producer SUBFLO a masterpiece was born. Blending the rough gangsta filled lyrics of West Coast Connection with a monstrous amen laced track that took the U.S. by storm. Some of Ghetto Life Recordings dj's and producers include CRS?, SLYTEN, STEEL, JAHWY & IRAY. During his career Apx 1 has released a catalogue of mixtapes and mixed cd's that continues to grow.

2006 was a groundbreaking year for Ghetto Life and Tonz of Drumz. During this year both Curious and Apx1 packed full of merchandise embarked on a tour. HERBN' IN DA GHETTO TOUR included states on both coasts of the United States. The tour also included a date in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Now in this New Year of 2007 Apx 1 along with partner Curious have become a pair of the top promoters with Tonz of Drumz in Los Angeles. With a Saturday Night Monthly called "DETOUR". Also a Sunday Day Party Monthly called "I LOVE L.A." that has Over 40 Local Artists Booked at Every Event! We have catered to some of the Best of the Best when it comes to Local All Stars as well as Super Stars.

On Halloween 2010 we showcased the Classic Reggae Legend Eek-a-Mouse & WU TANG AFFILIATE Prodigal Sunn from Sunz of Man! We Are Now Celebrating its 8th Year in the LA Underground Party Circuit!

Now in 2015 It has become one of the Best Day Parties to Attend to for The Los Angeles Underground Bass Scene! APX 1 has become one of the most booked artists in Los Angeles. He has Been of the Resident Dj's at the World Famous House of Blues on Sunset in Hollywood for the past 7 Years. APX 1 has made an impact in the Hip Hop Community and has Opened for JAY-Z, CYPRESS HILL, THE GAME, ICE CUBE, WC, MOS DEF & TALIB KWELI, NIPSEY HUSSLE, LIL WAYNE, SOJA, BELL BIV DEVOE, YOUNG JEEZY, BONE THUGZ N HARMONY, WU TANG CLAN, THE ROOTS, YG, PROBLEM, PSYCHO REALM, T-PAIN, RIFF RAFF, JUICY J and Too Many More to Mention! From the Jungles of Africa to the Concrete Jungles of America Apx1 has made his mark as a leading driving force in this independent hustle called MUSIC.


- 2016

How did you come up with your current alias?

   "My original Dj name during high school was Aaron Xtacy. I would attend underground events all the time & was a huge fan of classic techno music. Once I met R.A.W. aka 6 Blocc he taught me that using 3 letters for a Dj name would be easier to market & brand. So he came up with using the 1st letter of my first & last name including using the 1st letter from my original name Aaron Perez Xtacy 1 ;)"

What got you into the sound of Jungle and DNB?

   "Classic Techno had always been my favorite style of underground music. Grew up listening & watching all of the legendary djs in Los Angeles. Doc Martin, Ron D Core, Steve Loria, Trance aka Jason Blakemore & R.A.W ... Eventually techno breaks turned into amen laced chopped up drum patterns infused with Reggae, Jazz, Hip Hop & even classic rock samples. The catchy breakdowns and build ups would get bodies moving every single time. That’s when the infamous "Jungle" weekly events started going down Inside the Belmont Tunnel here in LA & the rest is history!"

When people talk about LA and Jungle, your name always ends up in the conversation. What do you attribute to your ability to stand out?

   "Music has been in my blood & family for as far back as I can remember. My father was a big musician who always had me alongside him in the studio when I was a kid. Grew up with a desire to make it big when it comes to music. Enjoy dealing & working with people who have the same love for this style of music. You can always catch me on the streets promoting my own events & chopping it up with friends’ n fans while enjoying a puff of something good with them! I’ve always been able to catch the ear of the ghetto youth who've never ever heard Jungle or DnB music before. A lot of it has to do with how I drop Hip Hop or Reggae a capellas over my set which creates something to remember while shaking dat ass on the dance floor!"

What is your view on the past 15 years of DNB and where it's going in the future?

   "It has been one hell of a roller coaster ride during these past 15 years in this Jungle Drum & Bass Music Scene. Especially when it comes to Los Angeles & Stateside for that matter. I’ve seen it move through all kinds of obstacles when it comes to other music genres that have come n go. I’ve been a witness to watching it go from being in the Limelight on Main Stages with huge sound systems to being put in in a 2nd Room or Side stage with Horrible Sound, Bad Production & No Love being given like a Rotten Step Child. Lol I’m extremely happy to see it strive & survive after all this time. I can honestly say that I truly believe that this style of music isn’t going anywhere and it is here to stay. When I see glowing faces fall in love with the booming basslines on the dance floor for the 1st time it reassures me that this music is forever & cannot be stopped!"

Where do you see turntablism going in the next decade?

   "Turntablism is a Key Factor when it comes to Underground Music in my book. It keeps the people entertained and shows how much you can continue to push this music moving forward. Since I was a youth it was turntablism that got me interested in djing. When I was in 8th grade I used to ruin my mother’s records by using the old record player to scratch while using my tape deck on my boom box to play the music. With all of the futuristic technology that we are being blessed with it’s almost impossible to predict how far we will go into the realm of turntablism. New products and new tricks are being invented every day. It’s amazing to see all of the new controllers and programs making their way into this world of music. Completely gives the artist a whole new way of expressing themselves while performing in

front of a crowd."

What can we expect from APX One in the future?

   "It’s hard to predict anybody’s future on this crazy rock we call planet earth. The only thing I can say is expect nothing but the best when it comes to APX1. I'll continue to push this music till the day I die & will always support our local homegrown artists! Get ready for a huge I Love LA 10 Year Anniversary Bash in 2017 that is guaranteed to be one of the biggest events I’ve ever produced! Also getting back into putting original music out and resurrecting my Ghetto Life Label & Clothing Line. Anything I have ever put my heart & soul into has always flourished at the end of the day. I’m looking forward to the future and welcome it with open arms!!"


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