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Artist: My Altered Soul

Release: Love Me Like That

Catalog: SDNB0004
Date: Nov 14th 2022

Purchase includes all tracks listed below.:


Love Me Like That
Love Me Like That (Korax Remix)
Love Me Like That (AZA Remix)
Love Me Like That (34V13 Remix)

      This year’s remix contest came to a close in February. The sheer amount of quality entries we received, made it hard to narrow the list down to just four winners. Congratulations to 34V13, AZA, Korax, and Even Styler for taking the original track to another level. Special mention to Hokilla for the official upfront jump up remix along with Sheena Queena, Ali Kat, and Chin Dalton for providing the vocal samples.

      Part 1 of the release comes in proper with, the original track Love Me Like That by My Altered Soul. This dancefloor monster comes in with atmospheric pads, beautiful melodies, and a fearsome bassline creating an energy that is felt from start to finish.

      Taking you deep into a dark Warehouse, AZA’s rendition sounds like it came straight from Berlin. You will become locked into the groove before the Reese sneaks in, changing the story. Korax kept things smooth with their minimal liquid rendition. Really feeding from the emotional idea of the original, this one goes deep.

      34V13 flips the emotional temperance on its head. This neuro onslaught forces you to rock back and forth as one bassline answers the other. A perfect compliment to the original song, it is clear why 34V13 came in as the winner.

Remixes from Hokilla and Even Styler will be available on the VIP release Feb 14th 2023.


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